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Amlan to feature antibiotic-free poultry production strategies

1111The US-based Amlan International will feature three presentations highlighting the USA and Brazilian implementations and strategies for antibiotic-free poultry production at the VIV Asia Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

The presentations are set to explore protecting livestock from enteric disease and improving production efficiency from the perspectives of a producer, a poultry processor and an in-field technical consultant of the company.

Amlan is a global leader that develops innovative solutions, aiming to naturally defend animals, improve production efficiency and protect profits.

Amlan-sponsored presentations will be held on 13 March 2019. The featured speakers and topics include:

Dr Phillip Smith, senior nutritionist, Tyson Foods, on ‘Lessons Learned from Transitioning to Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production’

Rovaldo Scariot, sales manager, BR Solutions, on ‘Results from the Brazilian Poultry Industry Using Varium, a Natural Performance Additive to Enhance Efficiency’

Dr Maximillian Sim, South Asia commercial and technical consultant, Amlan International, on ‘Anti-Virulence Strategies in Livestock Disease Management’

“Poultry producers worldwide lose US$6bn annually due to clinical and sub-clinical disease in their flocks,” said Flemming Mahs, president of Amlan International.

During VIV Asia, the company aims to provide an in-depth look at best production practices, natural feed additive programmes and pioneering innovation that can target virulence factors to enhance intestinal health and improve efficiency.

Amlan’s Varium is one of the natural feed additives that reduces the level of pathogenic challenges in the gut, strengthens the functions of the intestinal barrier and supports a healthy immune function. Over the last four years, the product has been trialled and adopted on commercial farms across Latin America and Asia.