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Dimitra Incorporated is set to accelerate digital technology and regenerative farming methods in crop and livestock with three organisations within Nepalese agriculture

Dimatra nepalDimitra will provide technology, training, applications, and share knowledge to enhance farmers’ productivity and profitability. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Dimitra Incorporated is a global technology company that provides an ecosystem of agricultural technology products to advance smallholder farming performance through mobile technology, IoT sensors, artificial intelligence, blockchain, satellite imagery and drones.

Dimitra will provide new and innovative technology solutions to the NMC (Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.), the JBS (Jiwan Bikash Samaj) and Nepal Krishi Care (NKC) Pvt Ltd. These Nepalese organisations consist of hundreds of thousands of farming-based households for which Dimitra’s goal is to ensure effective delivery to market and improve profitability for the following Nepalese produce such as dairy, cereals, fish, fruits, vegetables, seed production; including farmers to end consumers with a framework of sustainable livelihood development in Nepal.

The Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. aims to serve its members and continuously improve member health, member education, and improving environmental footprint. The NMC plans to raise members’ economic and living standards by giving members more agricultural knowledge via technology to help with self-reliance, mutual support, a sense of frugality, and encourage the good habit of saving.

Jeevan Bikas Samaj (JBS) is a national-level NGO in Nepal established to improve marginalised people's socio-economic and cultural circumstances. JBS mission is to enhance the quality of life of poor people by increasing their access to resources. JBS provides solutions for Nepal’s supply chain and the Nepalese agricultural sectors.

Nepal Krishi Care (NKC) Pvt Ltd provides solutions for the value supply chain problem in the cereal sectors of agriculture within Nepal. NKC is a social enterprise that supports innovative technologies and practices, including the internet of things. NKC provides consulting services in different stages of the agricultural value chain.

“Our partnerships with NMC, NKC and JBS will produce great value for Nepalese agriculture. We will learn a lot from each other, Dimitra bringing technology and knowledge from digitisation projects in other countries. I am sure we will learn a lot about Nepal markets, methods and the previous successes of Nepal Agriculture. Each country we go to, we learn a lot about that country and we learn more about ourselves,” said Jon Trask, CEO and founder, Dimitra Incorporated

Dimitra said that it is committed to these leading and helping Nepalese organisations will help enhance productivity and double Nepalese farmers’ income by adopting digital technologies and regenerative farming methods in crop and livestock management. Dimitra will use a combination of technologies like Blockchain and IoT sensors, to provide a cutting-edge supply chain management platform to maximise and automate sales and marketing processes and digitise their supply chain. 

Dimitra will provide technology, training, applications, and share knowledge with farmers to strengthen Nepalese institutions and enhance farmers’ productivity and profitability. My farm, my crop, my livestock, sensor management, satellite and weather modules will be used to create awareness and lead to more sustainable farming practices in Nepal. 

According to the company, it will work collaboratively with JBS, NKC, and NMC to create an implementation plan and monitor the results during the engagement with specific objectives that are of interest to all partners. 

“I am very glad to be a part of this agreement ceremony between these three organisations who are linking to 400,000 farmers of the province and Dimitra. We are in a digital world and we are linking with this program in the digital world and we always struggled with new technology. Clearly Province One is the first to accept the new technology and take leaps for using this one and with the small one. Now we have three organisations who are really working with the farmers for their wealth and everything. I hope that the objective of this agreement will be fulfilled and the government of Nepal will definitely like to join with Dimitra and in the future within our rules and regulations,” said Niru Dahal Pandey, secretary, Ministry of agriculture and livestock development, Kathmandu, Nepal.