Professor Mark Blaskovich, CEAStAR centre director, Professor Darren Trott, CEAStAR centre deputy director, and Dr Bicheng Yang, director of MGI Australia (from L to R) (Image source: MGI Tech)

MGI Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of MGI Tech Co. Ltd, recently announced its partnership with The University of Queensland (UQ) led Centre for Environmental and Agricultural Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance (CEAStAR), aiming to combat antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) infections affecting human health, agriculture, and the environment

MGI's proprietary DNBSEQ technology, renowned for its high accuracy and efficiency in genetic sequencing, plays a pivotal role in CEAStAR's efforts to combat antimicrobial resitance. 

"Our goal is to deliver new antimicrobials for animal use, alternative treatments, and advanced detection methods to mitigate the spread of resistant microbes across sectors," said centre director professor Mark Blaskovich, while emphasising the urgent need for alternatives to antibiotics in agriculture and veterinary medicine.

When integrated with MGI's automated laboratory systems, the DNBSEQ technology enables portable, on-site sequencing solutions. These solutions empower rapid detection, surveillance, and monitoring of AMR in diverse environmental settings, including wastewater and agricultural environments.

As part of the CEAStAR initiative, on World Food Day 2023 MGI announced support for an industry-driven graduate research project focused on developing sequencing-based surveillance to monitor antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the water environment.

"We have successfully collaborated with UQ, utilising our cutting-edge sequencing technology to detect SARS-CoV-2 variants and antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater," said director of MGI Australia, Dr Bicheng Yang. "We look forward to expanding this partnership, continuing to develop and apply innovative solutions to combat AMR."

Certification award ceremony for new RSPO Members in China. (Image source: RSPO))

The 2024 China Sustainable Palm Oil Forum (eighth RSPO China Forum) strongly called for decisive action to enhance inclusivity and sustainability within the palm oil supply chain

The annual event highlighted the crucial role of RSPO Certified sustainable palm oil in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, introduced new sustainability initiatives, and emphasised the importance of strong partnerships to drive market transformation in China.

The forum showcased the sustainability efforts of Chinese enterprises. It attracted significant participation from RSPO Members, government bodies, industry associations, financial institutions, research organisations, NGOs, and certification bodies. Discussions were mainly focused on shared responsibility within the palm oil supply chain, urging stakeholders to increase their commitment to sustainable production and trade practices.

A significant highlight of the forum was the introduction of RSPO's new certification, trade, and traceability platform – prisma (Palm Resource Information and Sustainability Management). Designed to enhance trade efficiency and ensure compliance with global regulations, prisma aims to facilitate the adoption of certified sustainable palm oil among RSPO Members and regional market players. 

This year's forum serves as a platform for RSPO members to showcase their sustainability journeys. The positive progress and actions demonstrated by leading Chinese enterprises and supply chain companies clearly indicate that Chinese businesses are sending strong signals of sustainable demand to the market, upstream supply chain, and growers. The outcomes of the eighth China Forum are poised to resonate globally, influencing sustainability practices across the palm oil industry.

"The food and agriculture system is a cornerstone of sustainable development," said CFNA president, Cao Derong. "By adopting sustainable practices in the sourcing and processing of palm oil, China can position itself as a leader in building a global green value chain. Meanwhile, we are committed to strengthening global partnerships to address climate change and promote sustainable agriculture."

Farmmi provides market-oriented professional and standardised services for their agricultural products, while promoting high-quality, advanced green development of rural industries in Lishui City. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Chinese agriculture products supplier, Farmmi, Inc. has announced ithat it has received the certificate of 'An Agricultural Products Sales King' awarded by the Lishui municipal authority

Based on onsite visits, verification and evaluations of relevant indicators, a careful selection process was carried out, following which the award was granted. Farmmi's CEO and chairwoman, Yefang Zhang expressed her delight upon receiving the award, highlighting that the company had significantly invested in their core agriculture business, focusing firmly on sales growth. 

"We are capitalising on our many active, long-term customer engagements to help develop new customers in our target geographic markets worldwide. A big part of our success and strategy centers on our investments in our infrastructure, supply chain partnerships and warehousing systems," commented Zhang. "We target new quality customers that will rely on Farmmi to source their products, which differentiates us from our competitors in the market. We are also increasing our marketing efforts as we more aggressively target new customers."

As Farmmi provides market-oriented professional and standardised services for their agricultural products, while promoting high-quality, advanced green development of rural industries in Lishui City, Zhang hopes that the company plays a leading role in Lishui's agriculture product market. 

Darling Ingredients plans to begin with its first five plants in the US and later expand to other facilities depending on feasibility and market conditions. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Aiming to reduce emissions from its wastewater treatment plants, Darling Ingredients Inc on 5 June, announced its partnership with GreenGasUSA to capture and convert biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG)

Renowned for being a producer of renewable energy and turning food waste into sustainable products, Darling Ingredients plans to begin with its first five plants in the US and later expand to other facilities depending on feasibility and market conditions. 

CEO and founder of GreenGas USA, Marc Fetten expressed his excitement regarding the agreement, while emphasising on their mission to provide economically beneficial solutions to businesses, thereby helping them to reduce their environmental impact. 

"Darling Ingredients has been at the forefront of the effort to repurpose waste and integrate circularity into industrial operations and GreenGas is proud to support this mandate by partnering to convert agricultural and food waste into a valuable renewable energy product,” said Fetten. 

Chairman and CEO of Darling Ingredients, Randall C Stuewe also highlighted that by combining their deep knowledge of RNG obtained from their position in Europe with GreenGas's capabilities in the US, the company aims to significantly decrease its greenhouse gas emissions and help develop a successful RNG business in the US.

The Alliance aims to enhance sustainable agriculture in sugar cane farms. (Image source: Biome Makers)

Global agtech company, Biome Makers has proudly announced its collaborative partnership with the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the National Union of Cane Growers (UNC-CNPR), Syngenta, Bonsucro, Biofábrica Siglo XXI and Biome Makers to promote sustainable and profitable sugarcane production

The initiative focuses on empowering farmers to integrate microbial fertilisers, organic matter, biological pest control, mechanised harvesting, and efficient water use, thereby enhancing soil health and significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Biome Makers' innovative BeCrop technology will be essential in evaluating and optimising soil conditions, enabling farmers to achieve higher yields and greater sustainability.

By employing advanced DNA sequencing and machine learning, BeCrop technology helps to analyse and monitor the soil microbiome and provide actionable insights that are critical for predicting crop performance, identifying potential disease threats, and guiding sustainable soil management practices. The data, which can be accessed through the BeCrop Portal, provides detailed soil microbial community reports in a user-friendly format, assisting farmers, agronomists, and advisors in making informed decisions for the next growing season.

Co-founder and CEO of Biome Makers, Adrian Ferrero expressed his excitement to be a part of this groundbreaking alliance, stating that the BeCrop technology would deliver crucial insights into soil health, aiding farmers in implementing sustainable practices that enhance productivity and environmental stewardship. "This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to advance agricultural sustainability through innovative biotechnological solutions,” Ferrero said. 

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