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Enhancing sustainable palm oil production in Lampung

Project Lampung is the very first project in Way Kanan aimed at enhancing the capacity of palm oil smallholders. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Solidaridad, BASF, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), and The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) have joined forces through the collaborative sustainability initiative, Project Lampung to strengthen the sustainable palm oil supply chain and support smallholder farmers

Project Lampung is the very first project in Way Kanan aimed at enhancing the capacity of palm oil smallholders, who prior to the intervention had limited exposure to sustainable palm oil production practices. The introduction of this project has significantly enhanced the knowledge and productivity of independent palm oil farmers through continuous education, while also ensuring access to certified seedlings.

By working with the Indonesian government and other local organisations, the project partners have conducted a Social and Environmental Impact Assessments. Moreover, they also mapped farmers' fields and uploaded all relevant data to the RSPO database to verify that no deforestation or land conversion had taken place.

To further the impact of this project, ELC purchased 220 RSPO credits from these newly certified farmers in the Lampung region. These credits will help further fuel local farmers’ incomes and livelihoods while supporting ELC’s commitments to source its palm-based ingredients responsibly.

“This project has proven to be pivotal in sparking sustainable production of palm oil in the Way Kanan district. At the heart of this project are the small palm oil farmers themselves. It is only they who can transform the palm oil supply chain and we were happy to assist them with the technical support and knowledge needed to adopt climate smart production practices.” stated Yeni Fitriyanti, country manager for Solidaridad Indonesia. “Apart from the benefit of increased sustainable palm oil production, small farmers in Way Kanan are now able to advocate for their own interests in the supply chain.”

For more information, visit: Project Lampung: Enhanced Sustainable Palm Oil Production in Lampung, Indonesia - Solidaridad Network