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Farmmi expands mushroom sales to England

Farmmi now exports dried mushrooms among other products to England. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Farmmi Inc., an agriculture products supplier from China, recently announced that the companys subsidiary Zhejiang Farmmi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., won an export order to England

The latest order for dried mushroom slices is from one of the company's long-term customers, which will export Farmmi's products to Southampton, England.

Yefang Zhang, Farmmi's chairwoman and CEO, commented, "This is another important win for us. It continues the meaningful sales growth trajectory we have been building all year as we leverage our increased investments in sales and marketing to build our global brand, and it also benefited from our consistent product availability due to our strong supply chain relationships.”

The company is headquartered in Lishui, Zhejiang and is a supplier, processor and retailer of shiitake mushrooms, mu er mushrooms, other edible fungi and other agricultural products. 

“This latest win serves as an example of our successful strategy of working alongside our customers to support them across our broader product line as part of our efforts to increase revenue per customer, while also nurturing the relationships that will drive our longer-term success," added Zhang.