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South Korea will double the annual budget for overseas development grants in the agricultural sector to US$401.4mn by 2027, according to the agriculture ministry

AdobeStock 2705091566In Africa, South Korea plans to establish a 'K-rice belt' to help strengthen rice production capacity. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The government approved the plan to raise 2021’s yearly budget of US$197.8mn for official development assistance grants. The grants will be used to support recipient nations' production of rice and other crops and the development of their rural economy, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Under the plan, South Korea will push for various projects that fit the features of each country and make the most of South Korea's strength.

In Africa, South Korea plans to establish what it called a ‘K-rice belt’ to help strengthen rice production capacity.

South Korea will help build smart farms and establish advanced systems for agricultural administration and statistics management in Asian nations, according to the ministry.

"The government will explore various projects with international organisations to help overcome global food crisis," the ministry said in a release.