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Provivi and Syngenta launch pheromone-based pest control technology for rice crop

Provivi, a leading provider of pheromone-based crop protection solutions, and Syngenta Crop Protection, one of the world’s leading agriculture companies, have announced the commercialisation of ‘Nelvium’, a new mating disruption solution, to effectively and more safely control detrimental pests in rice

According to Syngenta, pheromones have been utilised in agriculture for more than 30 years as a pest control method. This will be the first time this innovation has been applied to rice in Indonesia, the world’s third-largest rice producer and one of the world’s biggest rice consumers.

Corey Huck, head of Global Biologicals at Syngenta Crop Protection said, “We are committed to accelerating innovation that drives sustainable agriculture practices, and we’re very excited by the potential of this partnership with Provivi. Pheromones will be an exciting new addition to our portfolio, providing farmers with greater choices in managing insect resistance, reducing pesticide residue in crops, and addressing consumer demands. Our launch in Indonesia is a key milestone; we look forward to exploring more opportunities to introduce Nelvium, as well as other technologies, in partnership with Provivi.” 

Pheromones are natural signalling compounds that effectively control pests by interfering with their mating behaviours, preventing pest reproduction. Because they are non-toxic and species-specific, pheromones do not harm organisms that pose zero threat, therefore helping preserve the diversity and abundance of beneficial insects and pollinators.

Using pheromones in an integrated pest management programme includes their highly specific target activity and a mode of action, preventing, instead of eliminating, thereby supporting the preservation of biodiversity and the flourishing of non-target species. Pheromone solutions provide a foundation service in insect control, ensuring the natural technologies can maximise the validity and scalability of pest management systems, significantly decreasing the development of resistant populations.

Pedro Coelho, co-founder and CEO of Provivi said, “Provivi is developing the Pheron family of functional and cost-effective products for pheromone-based solutions to serve as a foundation for integrated pest management in the staple crops that feed the world. We are delighted to enter the market launch phase of our multi-year collaboration with Syngenta in Indonesia to help growers combat the extraordinary challenges caused by rice stem borers.”