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Cambodian government’s special emergency loan scheme worth US$100mn to aid SMEs and the agriculture sector in an aim to resuscitate the economy

Cambodia fundsSmall businesses and agriculture look to recover from the impact of Covid-19, with the help of financial packages. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The loan is said to be issued to the private sector via the state-owned Small and Medium Enterprise Bank of Cambodia and the Agricultural and Rural Development Bank.

The US$100mn fund packet will be intended to support the nation’s economy in the near future said Aun Pornmoniroth, deputy prime minister and minister of economy and finance.

“The US$100mn budget will be used to boost agriculture and small and medium enterprises, two of the most important sectors in the national economy, both in terms of job creation and in improving people’s livelihoods and promoting national economic growth,” he added.

The funds are to be distributed equally between the two financial bodies and put towards exercises supporting the nation’s rice industry, animal husbandry, crop production and risk-sharing co-financing schemes.