Embracing sustainability: WWF supports palm oil trade between China and Indonesia

China is one of the largest markets for palm oil exports in Indonesia. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Given its extensive volume and impact on the environment and agricultural production sustainability, the World Wide Fund (WWF) has extended full support to Indonesia and China, encouraging the sustainable palm oil trade between the two countries

At the ‘China-Indonesia Palm Oil Dialogue’ which took place on 8 December, WWF Indonesia executive director, Aditya Bayunanda, mentioned that China constituted 17.7% Indonesia’s palm oil exports, making it one of the largest markets for palm oil exports in the country. During the meeting he also touched upon various issues including forest clearance and workers wages, while emphasising the WWF’s willingness to educate about and promote sustainable products, particularly palm oil. 

As reported by Antara News, Chen Ying, a representative from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFNA), said that although the Chinese people were not familiar with using sustainable palm oil products, they had started switching over to a greener lifestyle. Therefore, spreading awareness among the general public regarding environmental preservation and the importance of using sustainable products would play a notable role in tapping the potential of sustainable palm oil products.