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New Zealand welcomes pomelo and lemon imports from Vietnam

Vietnams pomelo and lemon to be officially exported to New Zealand. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

On 15 November, an announcement ceremony was held to officially reveal that Vietnam’s pomelo and lemon would be exported to New Zealand

New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Tredene Dobson said the event marked an important milestone in agricultural cooperation between the two countries. Ambassador Tredene Dobson said, “Agriculture is not only an important component of our two countries' economies – it is also part of our cultural identity. He further mentioned that they were delighted to welcome Vietnamese pomelo and lemon into New Zealand."

The New Zealand Prime Minister said that many New Zealanders would be happy about this announcement. Minister Le Minh Hoan believes that agricultural cooperation is an important pillar in the cooperation relationship between Vietnam and New Zealand. Vietnam highly appreciates New Zealand's interest in the agricultural sector, focusing on knowledge and technology transfer in the areas of market development for agricultural products, high quality plant varieties, animal quarantine, vegetation, dam safety and reservoir operation, food safety, greenhouse gas emission reduction in livestock, etc.

The two sides signed an agreement facilitating the clearance of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, through the use of electronic certificates in July 2020. Currently, the working groups of the two countries are taking steps to test the electronic certification system and promote market opening procedures for agricultural products. 

Hoan hoped that Vietnamese and New Zealand businesses would cooperate in building and developing high-tech agricultural value chains, promoting connectivity between the two countries and with the global market. He also affirmed that Vietnam’s agricultural industry would create favourable conditions for New Zealand’s enterprises to enhance investment successfully, sustainably, closely and long-term. 

On the same day, AgriConnectioNZ: New Zealand and Vietnam - Strategic Partners in Agriculture exhibition took place in Hanoi. The expo, organised by the New Zealand Embassy in support of the Vietnamese Government's goal to improve the quality and productivity of the agricultural sector, brings together leading government agencies, research organisations and agricultural and export companies from both New Zealand and Vietnam to showcase the country's technical expertise and innovation in the agricultural sector.