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PAG Asia 2024 took place from 5-7 June in Shenzhen, China. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

During this year's International Plant and Animal Genome Conference Asia (PAG Asia 2024), MGI Tech Co. Ltd. announced a highly efficient whole workflow solution for agricultural large-scale Low-pass whole genome sequencing (Low-pass WGS) based on its proprietary DNBSEQ platforms

The new solution consists of an automated full-process product portfolio designed for large-scale molecular breeding genotyping of agricultural diploid species. The full workflow covers extraction, library preparation, sequencing, and SNP & InDel calling.

The new MGIEasy Large-scale PCR-Free FS Library Prep Set for Low-pass WGS, available in two specifications, 96RXN and 384RXN, is designed specifically for Low-pass WGS applications with a new plate-based library preparation reagent module. Compared with common PCR-free library preparation sets on the market, this kit cuts the purification step and completes library construction in three easy steps, reducing the time and consumables required.

In combination with MGI's advanced automation platforms, the Low-pass WGS solution breaks through the limit on throughput as seen in ordinary library preparation. It utilises the fewer number of automated tools to match ultra-high throughput, as while maintaining a high degree of automation. As a result, large-scale library preparation can be done in a short time, at low cost, and with great automation friendliness.

For sequencing, the product bundles for high throughput and medium throughput Low-pass WGS feature the ultra-high-throughput DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer and the versatile DNBSEQ-G400 benchtop sequencer respectively, empowering large-scale agricultural genomics research projects in a short time.

"Since genome selection was widely used in agricultural breeding, genotyping tools went through several iterations, sequencing technology gradually shows its irreplaceable advantages," said Duncan Yu, president of MGI. "Low-pass WGS has been applied in both animal and plant breeding, but not without implementation challenges. Our new total solution for large-scale pig breeding addresses these user pain points and promises flexible automation needs, simplified library preparation, high throughput sequencing, and efficient data processing."

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The upcoming edition of the fair will continue to implement initiatives aimed at boosting sales, promotion, development, and growth of exhibiting companies. (Image source: Fruit Attraction)

Organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, Fruit Attraction 2024 will be held from 8-10 October in Madrid

Under the theme 'Discover the Essence of the Sector,' leading trade event for the fruit and vegetable sector, Fruit Attraction 2024 will be organised around four exhibition areas, with the most widely represented one being 'Fresh Produce' followed by 'Auxillary Industry' and 'Fresh Food Logistics'.  A new feature in this edition which will bring together the Biotech Attraction and Smart Agro sectors is 'Innova&Tech'. This area provides a space for companies focused on innovation, research and technological development in plant genomics.

This year's star product is avocado. In addition to the Avocado from Spain Congress, the trade fair will also host other activities including a league where students from Spanish hotel and catering schools will compete in a show cooking session led by Daniel del Toro, as well as different workshops and demonstrations.

The upcoming edition of the fair will continue to implement initiatives aimed at boosting sales, promotion, development, and growth of exhibiting companies.The International Buyers Programme will be joined again by the Guest Importing Countries initiative with China and Saudi Arabia as the main focus. This will promote trade relations between the countries of the European Union and these non-EU markets, backed by a full programme of round tables, guided tours of the fair and B2B sessions.

Moreover, with the Innovation Hub and Fruit Next being the areas dedicated to innovation and new business developments in the industry, Fruit Attraction will once again host the Innovation Hub Awards, which have become a fundamental event for supporting the business entrepreneurial commitment in the industry. The event will also present the Best Stand Awards as a new feature, recognising the exhibition spaces that stand out for their creativity and design in one of the three categories: Autonomous Communities and Institutions, countries and regions, and companies.

The fair will also become a centre of knowledge with the Forums, offering a complete programme of technical sessions characterised by a wide variety of content, as well as the high level of the participants and speakers. Among others, Fruit Attraction will be hosting the congresses Grape Attraction, Biofruit Congress and Fresh Food Logistics The Summit.

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The panel discussion will take place from 10:15 AM to 11 AM at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. (Image source: AIPH)

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) will be moderating a panel session at 10 am tomorrow at GreenTech RAI Amsterdam to discuss sustainable growing media solutions and industry readiness

Delving into the topic of sustainable growing media, the panel session will explore the industry’s response, the challenges it poses, and the innovative solutions being developed. After trialling peat-free substrates for two decades, the Farplants Group, one of the UK's largest wholesale ornamental plant growers, has built a wealth of experience in peat-free growing. The company's technical manager (trials and new product development), Gracie Barrett, will be one of the panel speakers at tomorrow's event. 

Barrett's research on peat-free substrates has emphasised the importance of understanding the distinct properties of different component materials and the challenges of inconsistency and nutrient leaching, thus making her an expert in this field. “The substrates we use are predominantly wood-based, and a reasonable proportion of our crops are now final potted into peat-free substrates," said Barrett. "Most of our products will be potted peat-free by 2026."

Other panellists include secretary general of AIPH, Tim Briercliffedirector of portfolio management at Kekkilä BVB, Nedeljko Basic, peat specialist at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, Van Nguyen and owner and CEO of Greenhouse Sustainability, Henri Potze

The panel discussion will take place from 10:15 AM to 11 AM at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. The panel is part of the ongoing event, GreenTech Amsterdam which is taking place from 11-13 June. 

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The DLG-Feldtage 2024 not only offers exciting insights into the world of agriculture, but also valuable opportunities for pupils, students and job seekers. (image source: DLG)

This year’s DLG-Feldtage commences with the theme: ‘Crop production out of the box,’ scheduled to take place from 11-13 June in Erwitte near Lippstadt, Germany

In a survey conducted by organiser, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) in the run-up to the event, the majority of participants stated that they planned to use the DLG-Feldtage 2024 to update themselves on the latest in crop protection, crop production and plant breeding, including seeds and varieties. The respondents were particularly interested in the topics of soil protection, crop rotation and strategies for adapting crop cultivation. 

The machinery demonstrations were another highlight, closely followed by the topics of precision farming, sustainability and environmental protection as well as oil and protein crops and alternative proteins.

This year’s event will also feature numerous premieres and machinery demonstrations with live commentary. 

One of the main focus of the DLG-Feldtage 2024 is organic farming, which enables farmers to discuss the latest developments and innovations in organic farming with representatives of the organic value chain. An organic lunch event will also be organised on 12 June. On 13 June, DLG-Feldtage 2024 will hold its ‘Value Chain Day,’ focusing on the entire food chain. 

In addition to offering exciting insights into the world of agriculture, the event also offers valuable opportunities for pupils, students and job seekers.

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ZALUX’s products will be on display at GreenTech Amsterdam, which is scheduled to take place from 11-13 June this year. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Drawing on its global proficiency in horticultural science and technology, ZALUX, a member of the German group Trilux (Market Leading Company for Professional Lighting), is delivering a groundbreaking line of LED luminaires that profoundly amplify the growth of crops and plants in horticultural settings

ZALUX develops biologically efficient lighting solutions tailored to flowers’ and fruits’ vegetative and generative growth cycles. 

The harmonious integration of greenhouse design, plant biology, and specialised lighting systems holds the promise of unparalleled crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices. By meticulously considering these factors, ZALUX can tailor a lighting system that meets any grower’s unique needs, ultimately fostering optimal plant growth and unlocking maximum yield potential.

“ZALUX lighting solutions are designed to combine the expertise of our European specialists in protected lighting for demanding and aggressive environments, and the advice of horticultural experts,” said head of farming at ZALUX, Patrick Rüschenbaum. “Compared to conventional lighting technology, you can save up to 60% energy with LED luminaires

ZALUX’s products will be on display at GreenTech Amsterdam, which is scheduled to take place from 11-13 June this year.

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