AFFIA to take place virtually on 16 June

AFFIA aims to promote entomoculture and entomophagy to support national initiatives and solve challenges, as well as represent Asia in the global insect industry. (Image source: Adobe stock)

The 5th AFFIA annual event will take place virtually on 16-18 June 2021. 

The event will feature speakers who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the insect and feed sector, and timely topics that tackle the latest research on insect production, processing and consumption, food safety and biosecurity, and the growing Asian insect sector. 

The speakers include:

• Frass: a promising soil amendment and plant growth substrate for agricultural and horticultural application by Dr Ross Gilmour, chief operating officer, Protenga.

• Anti-Phytopathogenic properties of Frass from Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens) by Martin Zorrilla, chief technology officer, Nutrition Technologies.

• What tells the reproductive tract of VSF on reproduction? By Christophe Bressac, assistant professor, PhD, Insect Biology Research Institute CNRS / University of Tours.

• In Vitro and in Vivo Digestibility of Rations Containing BSF Frass by Professor Dr Dewi Apri Astuti, Professor Physiological of Nutrition, department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science IPB University.

• Interaction between stressors of crickets: what paves the way for the Acheta domesticus densovirus (AdDV)? by Jozsef Takacs, PhD Candidate, University of Copenhagen.

• Opportunities and challenges for black soldier fly larvae based animal feed production in Malaysia by Dr Sharvini Siva Raman, postdoctoral research fellow, department of biosciences, Faculty of Science University Teknologi, Malaysia.

• Insect protein for petfood applications by Sylwia Dziekan, breeding manager, Entofood Sdn. Bhd. 

• Feed and probiotics in insect health and pathogen resistance by Carlotta Savio, PhD Student - InsectDoctors Program, Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University & Research.

• Influence of different drying techniques on physical properties, protein structure and digestibility of edible insects by Teeranan Chaowattanakul, graduate student, department of science and technology, faculty of agro-industry Kasetsart University.

AFFIA aims to promote entomoculture and entomophagy both regionally and internationally, support national initiatives and solve challenges, as well as represent Asia in the global insect industry.

AFFIA works in a very multicultural region with as many regula tory frameworks as countries. AFFIA serves Asian insect interests by initiating or facilitating research and development activities, guiding the industry forward in a sustainable, proactive and responsible manner.