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Biovet SA to present latest technologies and scientific lecture at IPPE 2024

The international fair will take place from 30 January to 1 February, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta. (Image source: Biovet)

Biovet SA and IFTA USA Inc will be participating at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE 2024) at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta next year

The international fair which is scheduled to take place from 30 January to 1 February is known to be the world’s largest annual event for the poultry, egg, meat, and feed industry. During the event, Dr David Díez from Biovet SA will be presenting a lecture titled 'Effect of Llver conditioner pronutrients to prevent and ameliorate the effects of liver stress in layers' in the scientific programme 'International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF)' of the IPPE.

Improving liver function which is essential in egg production, is vital, especially intensive systems where egg production is so high that the liver is under constant stress, making it more susceptible to the effects of toxins and infections. Biovet's hepatic conditioner Alquernat Livol improves liver function in poultry by optimising liver regeneration. Moreover, it also contains antioxidant compounds that block lipoxygenase and prevent the production of free radicals, which not only restores physiology after liver damage, but also reduces the hepatotoxic effects of drugs, free radicals, mycotoxins, and other substances.

Other solutions for poultry producers will also be presented by Biovet's veterinary-technical team during the event. The team looks forward to meeting interested attendees at Booth A1002 to provide more information about Alquernat Livol and other natural technologies and products that leave no residues in animals, thus proving to be excellent alternatives to antibiotics. 

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