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Food loss and waste (FLW) reduction was a core topic of discussion at the recent Food Waste Reduction and Nutrient Recycling Technology Forum, which took place on 17 July in Guangzhou, China

20230726174440USDA and cooperators boost reduction and re-utilisation of food loss and waste in Asia. (Image source: Food Waste Reduction and Nutrient Recycling Technology Forum)

The objective of the forum – launched by USDA's Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) – was to boost the reduction of escalating FLW across the globe and potential re-utilisation through innovative technologies.

Director of ATO in Guangzhou, JonAnn Flemings, inaugurated the forum by addressing the current status of global FLW, as well as the importance of FLW reduction toward the elimination of poverty, growth of economic prosperity, and the reduction of methane and carbon dioxide, while also highlighting the importance of conserving natural resources. 

Around 1,000 people from more than 500 companies in FLW collection and handling, restaurant/food market supply service, animal feeds, pet foods and other industries were present at the forum on-site and on-line. It appears to be the first time that such topics on FLW reduction, re-utilisation, technologies and managerial practices in relevant fields were presented to the public and discussed across various industries.

USDA's FLW outreach activities worldwide provide incentives to take actions towards the global reduction of FLW. The Forum's industrial collaborators demonstrated latest technologies in re-utilisation of FLW, and the use of technology upgrades in similar industries in developing countries, while building more robust international supply chains for animal food ingredients.

The forum is estimated to be held again in 2024.