Dr. Eckel introduces innovative anti-stress additive at VIV Asia

MagPhyt WS promises rapid stress reduction and improved resilience. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

At VIV Asia, Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition presented their latest innovation: the water-soluble anti-stress product, MagPhyt WS

Designed specifically for drinking systems, making it of particular interest to poultry producers, MagPhyt WS promises rapid stress reduction and improved resilience owing to a combination of selected plant extracts, highly bioavailable magnesium sources and vitamin C.

With its combination of proven plant extracts, optimally bioavailable magnesium sources and vitamin C and the innovative formula for fast solubility, MagPhyt WS has what it takes to strengthen poultry flocks against stressful situations, quickly calm down nervous birds and stabilise their condition. This means that livestock keepers can act at the first signs of restlessness in the poultry house and take countermeasures in good time, before the stress affects the well-being and performance of the animals, resulting in less injuries, better carcass quality and fewer animal losses.

Furthermore, MagPhyt WS relies on two particularly valuable magnesium sources: Mg-Citrate and Mg-Glycinate. On top of that, there are vitamin C and selected plant extracts. Thanks to the interdisciplinary development work, the Dr. Eckel team succeeded in combining the various ingredients in a complex with residue-free solubility. As a fine powder, MagPhyt WS is added directly to the water tank, dissolves immediately and distributes evenly in the water. There is no need to change the feed. 

Anne Möddel, senior technical sales manager and product manager at Dr. Eckel, commented, "MagPhyt WS has a holistic effect on the animal. You can scent it immediately in the drinking water, it smells intensively of lavender. In the organism it works highly effectively and incredibly fast, within just one day. You can literally watch the animals become calmer." 

This is also confirmed by the company's initial practical experience with selected turkey and chicken farms. MagPhyt WS is now available on the European market, in numerous Asian countries and in other regions. Further information at https://www.dr-eckel.de/en/produkt/magphyt-ws-2/