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INAGRITECH's role in driving the digitalisation and technology development of the national agricultural sector

INAGRITECH 2023 which will be held from 23-25 August 2023, will present a broad range from agriculture and related industries. (Image source: INAGRITECH)

The Ministry of Agriculture encourages a number of countries that are members of the Lives and Livelihoods Fund Partner (LLF) organisation to open opportunities for exports of Indonesian agricultural products to various countries

Currently, Indonesia is accelerating modern programmes based on integrated farming in 13 Indonesian provinces, strengthening upstream and downstream processes in order to increase farmer productivity and welfare.

The agricultural sector has proven to be able to support the economy when the world is hit by a pandemic. Agriculture is also the main pillar of job creation for millions of people. Indonesia prioritises harmony towards achievement in 2023, which is important considering that the current world condition is still in a dark state, as it enters the turbulence of the global crisis. 

INAGRITECH 2023 and the sub-events

INAGRITECH 2023 as the leading agriculture exhibition in Indonesia, which will be held from 23-25 August 2023, will present a broad range from agriculture and related industries. Some of the industries to be featured on the exhibition floor are related to technology such as automation in agriculture, intelligent monitoring and management systems, GPS, GIS systems, Internet of Things, forestry machinery, harvesting machine, plant protection equipment and engine, tractors, trans planter and many more.  

INAGRICHEM (Agriculture chemicals: Fertiliser & Pesticides) - the seventh Indonesia International Agricultural Chemicals Fertiliser & Pesticide Exhibition

Featuring chemical spraying, fertilisers (products and equipment), plant nutrients, pesticide sprayers, integrated pests control, including other related items with agricultural chemical needs.

SugarMach Indonesia (Sugar Machinery, Equipment & Processing Technology) - the fifth Indonesia International Sugar Machinery, Equipment, Processing & Technology Exhibition 2023.

Well known as Indonesia’s most influential machinery, equipment and processing technology trade show for the sugar industry, it features products and technology to the sugar industry, from machinery and equipment to technology. The show features boilers, turbines, conveyors, soil, seeding, fertilisation equipment, harvesters, municipal application, distillation, fermentation, cane farming, sugar processing and other sugar related equipment and technology.

INAPALM ASIA (Palm Oil Machinery & Processing Technology) - the ninth Indonesia International Palm Oil, Machinery and Processing Technology Exhibition 2023

Inapalm Asia is known to be Indonesia’s most influential and comprehensive trade show for the palm industry. In this floor, visitors will meet players coming from various industries related to palm oil plantation and technology. Products mostly comprise of air compressors, agriculture equipment, biomass processing technologies, oil and fats producers and processors, palm oil processing plant, processing equipment, refineries etc.

Pump & Valve Indonesia (Pump, Valve System & Equipment) - the fourth Indonesia International Pump, Valve System & Equipment Exhibition 2023

This show features Indonesia’s most influential trade show for pump, valve system and equipment industry, in which many players from the pumps industry like chemical pumps, fire pumps, liquid pumps, and industrial pumps are among the exhibitors on the venue. Beside pump products and technology, the show also features valves, pipes, and fitting hardware. 

INAGRITECH 2023 and its sub-events are held to fully support the Making Indonesia 4.0 programme and through this, the agricultural sector can create new literacy in data, technology and humanity. Smart and precision farming was developed in the industrial revolution making it much more advanced than before. Utilisation of Industry Revolution 4.0 focuses on agriculture as a big business opportunity that utilises technology to modernise agricultural processes. Playing an important role in today's market demand, digitisation in the private and public sector is helping the implementation of Agriculture 4.0 in developing countries, especially Indonesia.

Come and visit INAGRITECH 2023. 

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