Innovations galore at day 1 of AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA 2024

The event featured an array of agricultural innovations focused on addressing critical issues affecting millions.

This year, AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA 2024 opens its doors to more than 353 exhibitors from 28 countries, featuring an array of agricultural innovations focused on addressing critical issues affecting millions

Day 1 of the show kicked off with a conference programme highlighting the latest and innovative technologies fostering sustainability in smallholder farming. Experts from organisations like the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Mekong Institute discussed results from collaborative studies, bringing to light, scalable alternate wetting and drying (AWD) technologies as well as innovative low emissions cultivation technologies and their significance in the South and South East Asian rice sector. 

On the AGRITECHNICA side, exhibitors from top agriculture technology and machinery companies displayed their latest innovations aimed at revolutionising Asia's agriculture sector. Notable examples include companies like AGMA TOYAR, that displayed its state-of-the-art conveyer fruit and vegetable sorting system. Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), the system bolsters productivity, while at the same time maintaining both internal and external quality of produce.

Another remarkable innovation includes sustainable bale processors from agri machinery company Teagle, that utilise plant wastes to produce biofuels. Being a first time exhibitor in Thailand, the company displayed its machine alongside sugarcane waste supplied by Thai exporters.

Moreover, standing with a firm focus on quality and primarily focusing on the hydroponics segment, Tamil Nadu-based company, Agriplast, known to be India's largest greenhouse manufacturers, highlighted their aim to help growers grow more.

Drones and vision systems were also among the highlights of the show. Global Affairs manager of agri drone manufacturing company, XAG, Olivia Zhou spoke about their upgraded XAG P100 drone, which is due to be released in about a year. In addition, a conversation with Stonkam Co Ltd's regional account manager, Angeli Li, also threw off sparks of insight regarding their AI-equipped vision systems that are used both in agriculture and other sectors such as construction. 

On the Horti Asia front, companies like NETZERO CARBON, shed light on their unique approach to utilising silica extracted from rice plants as fertiliser for numerous crops including rice plants. This is because rice being a silica loving plant, has very good adaptation to silica. Regarding net zero, the company collects carbon credits through a number of renewable energy projects involving installations. 

Day 1 finally concluded with a networking night where exhibitors, visitors and members of the media gathered, raising their glasses to celebrate a day well accomplished.