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Novus celebrates 30 years of supporting animal protein producers

Novus International celebrates 30 years of developing, manufacturing and commercialising feed additives to the global animal agriculture industry. (Image source: Adobe stock)

Novus International, a joint venture between Mitsui & Co and Nippon Soda, celebrates 30 years of developing, manufacturing and commercialising feed additives to the global animal agriculture industry

Dan Meagher, president and CEO at Novus, said, “Achieving performance and profit goals while optimising animal health are challenges for every producer regardless of operation size. There are many purposes for feed additives. For us, the purpose is to ensure the nutrients in raw feed are available to the animal, support the animal’s gut health to optimise the nutrition it receives from the feed, and to provide the animal with what it can’t get from raw feed materials to better prepare it for the health challenges it may encounter during its life. Regardless of the products we’ve offered over the years, focus on these objectives is how Novus helps its customers globally.”

Novus’s foundation began with methionine. In a joint partnership established in 1991, Mitsui and Nippon Soda acquired the rights to ALIMET feed supplement and SANTOQUIN feed preservative, creating the company with a source of methionine as its flagship product. From there, methionine solutions MHA feed supplement and MFP feed supplement were added to the portfolio. Novus’s next innovation was the MINTREX trace minerals line, which includes organic sources of zinc, copper and manganese bonded to the HMTBa (hydroxy methionine analogue) molecule allowing for better absorption and mineral availability.

ACIDOMATRIX feed additive and activate nutritional feed acid, both offering combinations of organic acids and HMTBa, were created for the eubiotics portfolio. Other organic acids, essential oils and the CIBENZA enzyme platform were added, as were pigment and feed quality products before being sold to EW Nutrition earlier this year. 

David Dowell, executive vice- president and chief operating officer, said, “Food production is changing with a strong focus on sustainability, animal welfare/health, efficiency, and other drivers directly related to gut health. Health through nutrition has been a long-time principle in human health and Novus wants to expand our solutions in the key area of growth for our industry.”