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PMFAI to organise International Crop-Science Exhibition in Dubai next year

ICSE is the biggest and only agri input event catering to a number of industries including agrochemicals, bioproducts and fertilisers, among others. (Image source: PMFAI)

PMFAI has announced its International Crop-Science Exhibition (ICSE), Indias biggest agri inputs trade show with concurrent plenary session which will be organised from 8-9 February 2024 in JW Mariott Marquis, Dubai

The ICSCE is a forum which has provided knowledge sharing and B2B to agribusinesses since 1997. Being a single platform for all, the forum will showcase opportunities for the growth of the agrochemical and allied chemical industries as well as both domestic and international players and other allied group of companies to interact, thereby providing immense potential for exchange of businesses and knowledge to enter into contract manufacturing or R&D, in a mutually beneficial way. 

India is the fourth largest global manufacturer of AgChem chemicals, with the Indian AgChem export showing a 6% CAGR share growth during the 2014-21 period. Given India's ample availability of technically skilled labour, state-of-the-art infrastructure, abundant scientific community, easy availability of raw materials, favourable cost dynamics and available resources in ecosystem and manpower, the export share is soon to see a 55% increase over all markets. 

The sector has also witnessed a rapid increase in exports of generic and contract manufacturing in the last few years, with the valuation of AgChem players being at an all-time high due to the expansion plans that many companies are in pipeline for stock listings. Moreover, Indian companies also offer biological products in the portfolio, making one stop sourcing for importers and buyers.

ICSE is the biggest and only agri input event catering to a number of industries including agrochemicals, bioproducts, fertilisers, intermediates, precision farming and related technologies, among others. The show provides great opportunity to stand distinguished among more than 500 delegates to promote their business, network and gain ample knowledge of the industry. 

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