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Philippines has revealed plans to protect some of its fish species of high economic value which the country has identified as endangered 

fish sxcPhilippines has identified several fish species as endangered. (Image source:

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Region 2 (BFAR-2) has identified various endangered species in the region.

In a recently conducted meeting attended by representatives from provincial agriculture offices, state universities, the regional director at Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resouces, Jovita Ayson said that while the bureau promotes the culture of various fish species, BFAR needs to protect endemic species of high economic value.

From the several species identified, the group has set Paltat (Native Catfish), Gurami (Snake-skinned Gourami), Igat / Sihin (Eel), Mori (Goby), Ludong (Mullet), Bisukul (Native snail), Cabibi (Freshwater clam) and Udang/Ulang/Payang (Giant freshwater prawn), as priority species for conservation.

BFAR-2 resource management head Evelyn Ame said that the group will prepare a master proposal for the conservation of the said species.

“The proposal will include sub-studies on taxonomy, ecology, biology, and socio-economic and marketing aspect. Development of culture technologies for goby species will also be included,” Ame said.

The proposal will be submitted to National Fisheries Research and Development Institute for funding.

The group has tapped Ralph Turingan, professor and chairman of the Marine Biology Programme of Florida Institute of Technology in Florida, USA, to assist in the conservation program which will be implemented for five years.