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Sea urchin cultivation project soon to begin in Japan's Saitama prefecture

The project aims to have the aquaculture farm ready by March 2023. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

A project involving sea urchin cultivation using artificial seawater from a local hot spring will soon be underway in Japans Saitama prefecture, The Japan News reports

The aquaculture farm is aimed to be completed by March 2023 and will comprise of two 4-ton water tanks which will be installed in a vinyl greenhouse and located on a farm adjacent to the hot spring facility. Ozone technology will be used for artificial seawater purification and recirculation, while a heat exchange system will  help control the water temperature. An AI-equipped device will also be used to manage feeding, with feeds mainly consisting of locally grown vegetables and fruits. Moreover, a special app has been developed to analyse water quality.

According to the report, Yamatake executive director Daigo Yamanaka mentioned that around 50 sea urchins had so far been successfully cultivated in a small tank during a test run started in May. Following the start of the project's full-scale operation, Yamatake plans to bring sea urchins from a Hachinohe city hatchery which is yet to be constructed. 

Once the project kick-starts, the company intends to expand by installing hatcheries in other prefectures, thereby ensuring a steady supply of sea urchins.