Amlan International showcases mineral-based feed additives

The mineral-based technology within Amlan’s products Varium for poultry and NeoPrime for swine. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

At the Leman China Swine Conference and 2021 World Swine Industry Expo, Amlan International, an animal nutrition company, showcased its natural, mineral-based feed additives aimed at improving intestinal health in swine

The conference and expo was held on October 20-22, 2021, in the Chongqing International Expo Center, witnessed approximately 6,000 conference attendees and more than 50,000 expo visitors.

According to Amlan International, as the animal health business of Oil-Dri Corporation of America, the company’s products are backed by Oil-Dri’s 80 years of experience in mineral science. Amlan said its scientists use Oil-Dri’s mineral expertise to develop reliable, research-backed products that aims to improve the quality and safety of animal protein by producing mineral-based feed additives for livestock and poultry that enhance intestinal health, control biotoxins, improve feed efficiency and promote growth without the use of antibiotics.

Harold Zhou, regional operations director, Amlan International, China, said, “Swine producers in China are currently facing the lowest market price and highest price of feed ingredients they’ve seen in the past five years. This makes access to natural, antibiotic-free feed additives that can maintain swine health and improve performance while adding value even more important for producers.”

Based and operating in the USA, Amlan has access to the millions of tons of mineral reserves that Oil-Dri selectively mines, processes and sells in a diverse range of industries throughout the world. Vertical integration allows Oil-Dri and Amlan to own every step of the production process and consistently deliver natural, mineral-based feed additives for protein-producing animals around the world.

Fred Kao, vice-president of global sales, said, “Our proprietary mineral technology is the foundation of our value-adding solutions. By leveraging our owned mineral technology and committing to the highest quality standards, we develop safe and reliable natural, mineral-based feed additive solutions for livestock and poultry.”

The company said that its mineral technology is used in their products either alone or with synergistic blends of select feed ingredients, to reduce pathogenic challenges, strengthen the intestinal barrier and prime the immune system to naturally defend against disease. Multiple governments, including the United States, the European Union, China, Korea and Indonesia, have recognized the mineral-based technology within Amlan’s products Varium for poultry and NeoPrime for swine and have issued a patent for the products’ modes of action.