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Avivagen receives approval from Vietnam for feed additives

The use of Avivagen’s product in the Vietnam feed industry is supported by the positive results of research trials conducted under Vietnamese commercial production conditions. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Avivagen Inc, a life sciences corporation focused on developing and commercialising products for livestock, companion animal and human applications, has announced that its oxidised carotenoid-based feed additive product has received approval for use in Vietnam

Speaking about the approval Kym Anthony, chief executive officer, Avivagen said, “We are very excited to secure approval for our product in Vietnam, a critical feed market in Southeast Asia with strong growth potential over the coming years. We continue to make strong in-roads with feed producers across Asia and see considerable opportunity to further grow our presence in the swine and poultry feed markets in Vietnam and across the region.”

Vietnam represents the largest feed market in Southeast Asia according to a report by the US Grains Council, indicating total annual feed consumption of more than 32 mmt in 2020. 

Additionally, the Grains Council report states that Vietnam is a strong growth market that is expected to surpass 35 mmt of feed within the next few years. Production within the country is dominated by swine, with feed for swine accounting for approximately 38% of total feed, followed by poultry accounting for 21.6% of total feed in 2020 according to a Global Feed Survey by Alltech Digital. 

In addition to swine and poultry Vietnam has a surprisingly large and rapidly growing dairy industry which represents an important third target market segment for use of Avivagen’s product.

“Demand for effective alternatives to antibiotics is growing across all of Southeast Asia,” said Lesley Nernberg, technical sales and marketing consultant, Asia, Avivagen.

“Approval in Vietnam will allow Avivagen to capitalise on a marketplace ready for these types of innovations,” she added. 

The use of Avivagen’s product in the Vietnam feed industry is supported by the positive results of two research trials conducted specifically under Vietnamese commercial production conditions. Avivagen said that the trials were run in collaboration with the Institute for Animal Sciences for South Vietnam and were conducted with pigs.

Avivagen president Jamie Nickerson, said, “The results of these two trials make clear the benefits of Avivagen’s product on improving the health and productivity of piglets. We’re confident that the use of our product in this segment, along with poultry and dairy, will have a significantly positive impact on producers throughout the country. Comparable trials are underway around the world, and we expect many to result in additional regulatory approvals and customer wins over the coming months.”