Committing to a net-zero future in the dairy industry

The goal of achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality has presented great challenges and opportunities to the world. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Yili, the Chinese dairy company attended the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) where it shared its commitment to achieving a net-zero future

The BFA opened its ‘Annual Conference’ in 2022 with a session held under the theme of “Towards Carbon Neutrality: Business Sector on the Move.” Yili attended the forum as the exclusive partner for dairy products and the only Chinese dairy company which was invited. Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group, participated in the session to discuss issues around carbon neutrality with experts and entrepreneurs from home and abroad. At the session, he shared insights about Yili’s strategies and practices to implement carbon neutrality across the industrial chain.

Yili said that the goal of achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality has presented great challenges and opportunities to the world. As such, the forum paid special attention to the world’s green recovery and sustainable development. Zhang noted that Yili has developed and upgraded its green philosophy over many years and consistently enhanced its management and extended initiatives to implement its carbon neutrality goals, which help to propel the world towards a brighter future.

Upgraded green philosophy

The company first put forward the concept of green leadership in 2007. This was later upgraded to the green industrial chain strategy in 2009. In 2021, Yili announced its New Vision for Value Creation. On April 8, Yili took the lead in China’s food industry to launch its ‘Plan for a Net-Zero Carbon Future’ and ‘Roadmap to a Net-Zero Carbon Future’. The company said it is committed to achieving carbon neutrality before 2050 across the industrial chain.

Enhancing green management

According to Yili, it established a  strategic and sustainable development committee to coordinate and promote the group’s sustainable development from the strategic level. The company has developed a future-oriented system named World Integrally Sharing Health System (WISH system) and released it's Sustainable Development Action Guidelines to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Aside from this, Yili has joined hands with 43 strategic partners around the world to launch China’s first “Net-Zero Carbon Alliance” in the food industry to share carbon reduction experiences for green development.

Extending Green Initiatives

Yili also noted that it has continually pursued carbon neutrality through initiatives such as carrying out proper data accounting and building emission reduction platforms. Yili said that it also continued to conduct carbon inventory assessments for 12 consecutive years and established a comprehensive energy data accounting system which is expected to cover all suppliers in the industry chain by 2030. 

In addition, Yili has initiated three platforms focused on carbon emissions reduction, including the National Dairy Industry Metrology and Testing Center, the Global Network of Sustainable Supply Chains, and the EHSQ Management Information System. These platforms enable Yili to pool talent, technologies, and other resources across the industrial chain and thereby contribute to a net-zero future.