EW Nutrition launches phytogenic solution in Philippines

Grippozon prevents and mitigates respiratory challenges in farm animals. (Image source: Adobe stock)

EW Nutrition, an international player in the animal nutrition industry, has revealed Grippozon as its respiratory health solution in Philippines

Grippozon, already successful in various international markets, prevents and mitigates respiratory challenges in farm animals and reduces the possibility of viral challenges from developing into bacterial pneumonia

During the webinar, Dr Merideth Parke offered a global perspective on swine respiratory diseases and highlighted the factors impacting the cost to production systems.

With vast experience working in farms in southeast Asia, guest speaker Art Frio, provided insights into the implementation of innovative solutions tackling respiratory challenges in farm operations.

Dr Ruturaj Patil then introduced the features and benefits of Grippozon and also shared feedback from global customers with the attendees. He also highlighted Grippozon's contribution to speeding up recovery from respiratory symptoms, improving appetite by creating optimal breathing conditions, and stimulating water and feed intake.

The webinar was rounded off with an interactive Q&A session, where the audience had the opportunity to have their questions answered live by the panel of speakers.

Jurek Grapentin, regional director of EW Nutrition South East Asia/Pacific, said, “We are always working with our valued partners to understand the needs and challenges of the industry. Acting preventively against respiratory risks, Grippozon can improve welfare and respiratory ease, reduce the need for antibiotics, and consequently mitigate the risk of antimicrobial resistance. Our experiences also show economic benefits for the producers implementing ABR strategies in their production.”