Trouw Nutrition to drive Stellapps' solutions for Indian dairy market

Indian dairy farmers benefit from the partnership between Trouw Nutrition and Stellapps with the Trouw Min product. (Image source: Nutreco)

Trouw Nutrition, the animal nutrition business line of Nutreco, the animal nutrition and aquafeed company has announced a long-term nutritional partnership with India’s leading dairy-tech start-up Stellapps

Stellapps is a farm-to-consumer dairy digitisation service provider, with solutions for improving productivity, quality and ensuring end-to-end traceability across the dairy supply chain. According to Nutreco, nearly three million smallholder farmers using Stellapps’ technology in 36,000 villages across India will now gain access to Trouw Nutrition’s high-quality feed products, including premixes and feed additives.

In addition to high-quality feed products, this partnership will see Stellapps benefit from Trouw Nutrition’s 90 years of experience along with its tools and farm management expertise.

The partnership follows a successful ten-month pilot with 5,500 farmers across Uttar Pradesh and Kolar, Karnataka, which saw the use of Trouw Nutrition products, alongside mentoring and training, and resulted in improved farm outputs, such as milk yield and profitability.

Sanjay Yadav, a farmer from the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, using the Trouw Min feed with his cows remarked that his cows’ milk fat and SNF have improved while maintaining good health and coats with good sheen.

In India, farmers with smaller herd sizes often face barriers when seeking to grow their businesses sustainably, including challenges such as financial support, accessing high-quality products and services and expanding their customer base. Nutreco thinks that despite this, there are huge opportunities for India’s small-holding community. India is the world’s largest dairy market, with approximately 570 million litres of milk are produced daily and the country’s dairy market is set to increase by 6% between 2021 and 2026, according to Nutreco

Stellapps co-founder and CEO Ranjith Mukundan said, “We are thrilled to work with Nutreco and its animal nutrition business line Trouw Nutrition. This partnership will allow us to provide international quality cattle nutrition solutions to smallholder farmers in a retail fashion. We are confident that Trouw Nutrition products, with their proven record, will improve animal productivity, animal health and milk quality and as a result help boost smallholder farmer income significantly.”

Trouw Nutrition CEO Saskia Korink said, “The new Stellapps end-to-end digitised model is a game-changer for Indian dairy farmers, and it is a shining example of innovation within our sector, helping us move towards feeding the future sustainably. “By partnering with Stellapps we can expand our reach in India and offer solutions to help to increase milk quality and yield for dairy farmers. I am thrilled that Trouw Nutrition will play an important role in supporting Stellapps’ customers by providing its nutritional health solutions.”