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Ablacto+: A promising biosolution for piglets

Ablacto+ has the ability to potentially stabilise the gut of piglets, while reducing the severity of PWD. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

World leader in biological solutions, Novozymes has signed a joint development and commercialisation agreement with Danish industrial biotech company, Bactolife to finalise the development and launch of the biosolution, Ablacto+

Post weaning diarrhea (PWD), a major, global swine health challenge is estimated to result in an annual production loss of US$1-2bn. Generally occuring in newly weaned pigs, PWD is caused by E. coli infections and is known to be one of the major drivers for antibiotic use in weaner pigs. 

This is where the new biosolution, Ablacto+ can be put into use. The promising product can potentially stabilise the gut of piglets and reduce the severity of PWD. As a functional feed additive, Ablacto+ consists of binding proteins that significantly reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections including PWD. 

“Post weaning diarrhea is one of the biggest challenges in the global swine industry. We are very excited to join this partnership with Bactolife. Together, we will be able to develop innovative biosolutions that can stabilise the gut of piglets, increase productivity, and significantly reduce the use of antibiotic use among pigs,” said Sofie Louise Trads, director of Animal Health at Novozymes

The product, which has already proved successful in large scale swine trials, is expected to be launched in 2026. 

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