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Breeders of Denmark offers frozen semen from top-quality boars to enable long-term conservation and long-distance deliveries

AdobeStock 509199771Breeders offers frozen semen from top-quality boars of Danish Genetics. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Pig production is considered a highly technical and innovative sector, where producers often take decisions in several domains, ranging from farm management, health and biosecurity management, feeding techniques, and employee management to genetic support, breeding strategy, computer systems and genetics.

One major drawback is the limited availability of technology. For example, although farmers around the world prefer being provided with the best quality semen, it cannot be ordered online like other products. Therefore, semen coming from the closest AI Stations are used whenever farmers are in need of new genes entering their farms. What makes it harder however, is the inability of fresh semen to be transported over long distances and endure changes in temperature.

Breeders, a company based in Denmark, has come up with an innovative solution. The company now offers frozen semen from top-quality boars of Danish Genetics like Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace. The process involves semen collection, followed by testing. It is then frozen down to temperatures as low as -196°C and stored in small straws and containers commonly called vaporshippers or cryoshippers. These containers being resistant, enable long-distance travel and long-term storage. 

Each ejaculate of fresh and frozen semen is verified with Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA), which provides detailed and accurate semen analysis, in comparison to previously used techniques with light optical microscope set-ups. The primary advantage of using CASA is that it helps create reports with deeper insights to the individual boar, as the data is used in breeding work and contributes to genetic purposes. Moreover, all CASA tests are standardised and uniform; with the data being reliable and not subject to subjective assessment.