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Indonesia gearing up to combat probable H5N1 outbreak

Indonesia is planning to produce more than 50,000 units of bird flu vaccine to ensure that it is well prepared in case a pandemic occurs and to assist foreign countries as well

Indonesian health minister Nafsiah Mboi said that the country is attempting to produce sufficient bird flu vaccine although the H5N1 virus attacks had eased recently. She added that the country needs to remain alert to possible risk as the virus has killed seven people in the country in 2012.

"The process of production has been done in Bandung (the capital of West Java province). We must be ready when pandemic take place. We need over 50,000 units vaccines for it and to assist foreign countries," she said.

Indonesia was hit hardest by the bird virus since 2005 but the cases eased significantly thereafter. It re-emerged in 2011 and claimed nine lives.