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The Motta Group, one of Argentina’s leading poultry companies, is investing more than US$22mn in the expansion and modernisation of its processing operations

calisa2 MottaCalisa2 is making use of the latest Marel technologies for evisceration and giblet harvesting. (Image source: Marel)

The Calisa2 greenfield project in Racedo is crucial to the Argentinian and South American poultry market.

It will be like a production oasis, starting at 9,500 bph (158 bpm) and fully prepared for 15,000 bph (250 bpm) within two years.

Augusto Motta, son of founder Héctor Motta, explained, “Our existing plant no longer had any more options to grow. Furthermore, we wanted to separate the processing of broilers and layers. Our completely new Calisa2 plant is fully dedicated to broiler processing. It will allow us to increase production more than fourfold. We therefore decided to install the whole Marel package, with full technology.” 

Marel is to supply the entire processing line from primary through secondary processing to batching and packing. With special emphasis on product presentation, the Motta Group focuses on accurate scalding, plucking and in-line tenderness processes. Marel’s solutions meet these needs in full. Calisa2 is making use of the latest Marel technologies for evisceration and giblet harvesting. This is particularly important, as most Calisa whole birds are sold complete, stuffed with giblets packed in a bag.

Further Marel solutions can be found in the secondary process, such as SmartWeigher and IRIS weighing and grading devices, ACM-NT cut-up system, FHF-XB breast filleting and SensorX X-ray inspection. Up to batching, packing and palletizing products, Marel is involved. “All these Marel systems will help us manage future growth and maintain the highest standards of product presentation and taste.” 

Big ambitions

Today, Calisa1’s production is two million birds per month. Calisa2 will increase this figure to eight million. About 60% of the products are produced for the domestic market and 40% for export to more than 20 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. “We already supply important supermarket chains such as Dia and quick service chains such as Burger King, Mostaza and Subway. With Calisa2, one of our most important challenges is to reach shelves abroad with our own brand and packaging. We have big ambitions to continue exporting to Canada, Africa, the Middle-East, China and also reach new markets,” Motta continued.


Sustainability is a valuable asset for the Motta Group. Augusto Motta said, “We are going to reduce our environmental impact. With the 26,656 poplars and pines to be planted on 34 ha. we will create a natural lung in the town of Racedo. We will even generate a positive carbon footprint. We will use treated waste water for irrigating the trees in this project,” Motta stated.

The Motta Group also commits itself to strict rules on food safety, biosecurity and animal welfare.