Modern analysers are characterised by the reduced use of chemicals and optimised timing. (Image source: Fritsch GmbH)

As animal feed is sold with a declaration about its contents, those substances of contents are continually examined for quality assurance, said Fritsch GmbH

The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers colistin as a ‘highest priority critically important antimicrobial’ for humans. (Image source: 9883074/Pixabay)

As the use of antibiotics is rapidly spreading the risk of most deadly superbugs, the Indian government has banned the use of colistin in animal feed and fishing

Many interested Singaporeans are inquiring about rural tours in Kaohsiung. (Image source: Agriculture Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government)

To promote rural experience activities and agricultural products, Kaohsiung City Government Agriculture Bureau participated in the Autumn International Travel Exhibition at the Singapore Exhibition Centre with the Kaohsiung City Tourism Association and local practitioners from 2-4 August

Drones are proven to be just as accurate at taking plant measurements as more hands-on traditional methods. (Image source: Herney Gómez/Pixabay)

A two-year University of Adelaide project funded by the South Australian Grain Industry Trust used drone imagery to measure biomass, growth rate and greenness at trial sites in the wheat belt of South Australia

Implementation of AI in agriculture focuses on maximising the crop yield using machine learning and image processing techniques. (Image source: DJI-Agras/Pixabay)

The global artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture market is expected to reach approximately US$2,075mn by 2024, at a CAGR of above 21 per cent between 2018 and 2024, with the Asia-Pacific region demonstrating a lucrative growth, according to Zion Market Research

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