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Water & Irrigation

ARA continues to prove itself in versatility and efficiency. (Image source: Ecorobotix)

As the 2024 season approaches, ARA sprayers have already embarked on their inaugural missions, signaling the commencement of another year filled with promise and productivity

By utilising ARA's capabilities, farmers around the world are able to meet their evolving crop management needs. Applications of ARAs are varied and depend on the agricultural areas they are used on. For example, while ARA on the one hand, is seen in meadows and pastures in the Alpine region, it is on the other hand, used to control weeds in sugar beets and onions in Germany. The adaptability of ARA extends to crops such as lettuce, spinach, corn, chicory and much more. In addition, ARA offers green-on-green and green-on-brown capabilities to ensure effective weed control in fallow fields for optimal crop growth.

Thanks to Ecorobotix's state-of-the-art Plant-by-Plant AI software and advanced spraying capabilities, ARA is revolutionising agricultural practices and transcending geographical boundaries, with farmers eagerly embracing the technology. The practical significance of ARA ranges from precise herbicide application to targeted treatments of fungicides, insecticides, and fertilisers.

This year, Ecorobotix is gearing up to participate in the following upcoming events:

  • The Summer Convention of the National Onion Association, taking place from 25-29 June in Anchorage, Alaska
  • The Organic Produce Summit, taking place from 10-11 July in Monterey, California
  • FIRA USA 2024, taking place from 22-24 October in Woodland, Sacramento, California

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Atsushi Ueno believes the project will improve intake facilities, irrigation and drainage canals. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The Japanese Government will provide up to US$18.2mn for the restoration and improvement of irrigation and drainage facilities in Kandal, Kampong Speu and Takeo provinces

Fendt Rogator 665 using the Smart Spraying Solution targeted spraying in a green-on-brown trial application. (Image source: Business Wire)

On 6 April, AGCO Corporation announced that in collaboration with Bosch BASF Smart Farming, the company will integrate and commercialise smart spraying technology on Fendt Rogator sprayers, while also developing additional, new features

In May 2021, AGCO and Bosch BASF Smart Farming started the first trials of Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s innovative Smart Spraying Solution, which will deliver optimal herbicide savings without compromising weed control and enable targeted spraying during day and night-time conditions. In addition to targeted spraying, the system will deliver integrated digital tools to turn the application data into actionable insights and improve yields and efficiency for farmers.

Herbicide savings are delivered through sophisticated sensoring, automated sensitivity thresholds, access to Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s pest identification technology, and the use of Fendt Rogator’s robust application platform. AGCO plans to offer the system in the US and Europe from 2024.

Moreover, farmers will also be able to benefit from customised agronomic recommendations and reliable documentation within the same solution. The system will offer an end-to-end user experience through AGCO on-board and off-board controls and Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s integrated digital platform from xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, with insights into the data gathered during the application.

Supported crops currently include corn, soy, cotton, canola, sunflower, and sugarbeet, with capabilities for more crops such as small grains being added over time.

Furthermore, a combination of superior precision, digital tools and agronomic expertise is what makes the system unique. A 24/7 application capability creates exceptional green-on-green and green-on-brown performance. "This type of precision agronomics offering is a breakthrough to support farmers with less impact and higher yields,” said Matt Leininger, Bosch BASF Smart Farmings managing director for North America.

Agriculture leaders placed water conservation and waste reduction top of their priority list. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Agriculture firms are prioritising water conservation and waste reduction over other sustainability ambitions, as drought levels are expected to continue to threaten livelihoods globally

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