Aquaponics AI announces mobile app for small and large farms

The app aims to help the next-gen farmers and technology. (Image source: kie-ker/Pixabay)

Aquaponics AI, a social-impact aquaponic technology company, has released mobile app to enable small and large farms to simplify data, understand the system and achieve a better growth

Aquaponics AI's mobile app aims to bring real-time access to system data, insights and farm management solutions.

"We started Aquaponics AI to cultivate the relationship between regenerative agriculture, next-gen farmers and technology. Each data point that gets collected contributes to the global community of growers and their understanding of earth's awesome biosphere,” according to Jonathan Reyes, CEO of Aquaponics AI.

Aquaponics AI is a streamlined mobile toolkit for updating and managing aquaponic farm data. The application optimises and brings the important items needed when in a grow space, without being digitally complicated and providing confusing features.