Bayer’s first ever bioinsecticide for arable crops to launch in 2028

The new bioinsecticide from Bayer can be used in oilseed rape and cereals. (Image source: Bayer)

Global healthcare and nutrition company, Bayer announces its signing of an agreement with leader of crop protection solutions, AlphaBio Control, to secure a license for a new biological insecticide, targeted towards arable crops

Infestation by insects like the cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB), can be devastating for oilseed rape crops throughout the growing season and even cause seedling death. Keeping this in mind, the new bioinsecticide has been designed for use against coleoptera insects like these. 

Moreover, by including it in a digitally-supported integrated pest management system, Bayer’s systems approach—which combines various solutions—will help to maximise the cost efficiencies of this new product. 

“We are delighted to license Bayer exclusive rights to our latest bioinsecticide which will significantly improve the choices available to arable farmers wishing to reduce the environmental impact of food production,” said general manager for AlphaBio Control, Marta Ruiz.

Moreover, the new insecticide also aligns with Bayer's commitment to help reduce the environmental impact of crop protection products by 30% by 2030. The initial launch of the product is planned for 2028. 

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