East China's Mengzhuang Town develops new mode of agriculture to propel rural prosperity

In addition to the tea garden, East China's Mengzhuang Town targets local characteristic agricultural development. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The tea garden located at Daguozhuang Village of Mengzhuang Town in east China's Shandong Province, has developed characteristic agriculture to propel rural prosperity

According to this new mode, the tea garden pays land rent at market price to local farmers each year and offers plenty of job opportunities. In addition to the tea garden, the town targets local characteristic agricultural development, and has made great efforts in developing other agricultural parks, including strawberry varieties research centre, agriculture and tourism integration park, herbal medicine park, and chicken breeding park. Moreover, the town has also mobilised related parties, creating various development models, such as village-enterprise joint venture, 'common prosperity company' and rural partners.

Thanks to all these efforts, in 2023, the collective income of all five administrative villages in the town exceeded US$27,607. More than 3,500 jobs were created by 75 enterprises within the area and surrounding areas. Local incomes went up significantly, and the entry of 48 new agricultural business entities in the town resulted in a boost in the annual output value.