Indonesia to increase exports of processed seaweed

Indonesia is all set to promote its seaweed industry. (Image source: iamkaspar/Flickr)

The government of Indonesia has outlined plans to increase exports of processed seaweed in an attempt to boost the industry

The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is cooperating with Swiss promotion agency Swiss Import Promotion Program (SIPPO) and has invited 15 seaweed and natural ingredients importers from several countries in Europe, such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, to visit seaweed processing plants in Indonesia.

The ministry’s director for foreign marketing Artati Widiarti had said in November 2012, ministry representatives would visit Frankfurt, Germany, to promote the seaweed markets.

Indonesia exported 174,000 tonnes of seaweed in 2012 worth US$177.9mn. Around 80 per cent of it was dried seaweed and 20 per cent processed seaweed in the form of carrageenan and jelly.

The price of dried seaweed currently is US$2 to US$3 per kg, whereas the price for good quality carrageenan can reach up to US$20 per kg, said Artati.