Origin Agritech receives GMO safety certificate for transgenic maize

The BBL2-2 maize is set to herald a new era of crop innovation. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

Leading Chinese agricultural technology company, Origin Agritech Ltd., has announced a milestone achievement with the issuance of a GMO safety certificate for its transgenic maize BBL2-2, heralding a new era for crop innovation

The newly-certified BBL2-2 maize contains two insect-resistant genes, Cry1AB and Cry3Bb, and one herbicide-tolerance gene, Cp4-epsps, making this maize type resistant to various lepidopteran pests such as corn borer, cotton bollworm and armyworm.

Paving the way

The certification of BBL2-2 confirms its adherence to stringent safety standards and paves the way for its commercial launch. The introduction of the maize crop is expected to significantly enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability, providing a powerful tool for farmers to manage pests effectively and significantly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

Dr. Gengchen Han, chairman and CEO of Origin Agritech, said, “Receiving this GMO safety certificate is a transformative moment for Origin Agritech and agricultural biotechnology in China. BBL2-2 exemplifies our capabilities in genetic innovation and sets a new standard in sustainable agriculture.

“We are eager to lead the commercialisation of this technology, which promises significant improvements in crop resilience and yield.”