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Thailand chalks out new strategies to improve agri-business

A new set of agricultural strategies for the period 2012-16 were approved by the Thailand cabinet at a recently-held meeting, following a proposal by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The strategies for 2012-2016 focus on creating confidence in Thai agricultural products and food in order to strengthen the country’s farm sector on a sustainable basis.
They seek to enhance the competitiveness of Thailand’s agricultural and food businesses and promote cooperation with the international community under various cooperative frameworks.

During the five-year period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will prepare for holding international negotiations to ease the problem of protectionist measures imposed by foreign countries. It will also step up public relations campaigns to promote Thailand’s agricultural commodity and food standards and make them better known in the international market.
In order to develop international cooperation with foreign countries, the Ministry will work in partnership with international organizations for research and development, as well as technology transfer.

According to the policies, the Government will expand the role of agricultural and food businesses, which have long been Thailand’s national income and employment sources. The key objective is to develop Thailand as a center for food trade and food production of high quality in order to meet the demand of consumers with high income and unique preferences. Moreover, the Government will strive to develop Thailand to be the centre of futures markets for such agricultural commodities as rice, sugar, and tapioca. The move will help accelerate the country’s ambitious project to turn Thailand into the “Kitchen of the World.”