UPL and Biome Makers collaborate to boost soil health and agricultural sustainability

The partnership highlights UPL’s OpenAg commitment to collaboration towards empowering sustainable agriculture. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

UPL Ltd., a global leader in sustainable agriculture solutions, has announced a partnership with Biome Makers, a globally recognised agtech leader, to deepen understanding of the positive impact of UPL’s natural biosolution inputs on soil health

UPL will use Biome Makers’ BeCrop Test technology in a series of global trials across multiple locations and cropping systems to gain further insights into its inputs’ modes of action. The data received from these trials will guide future product development and allow growers to make more informed decisions about their farming practices.

Drew Wolter, Technical Development Manager for UPL said, “We are thrilled to partner with Biome Makers to conduct these trials as part of our OpenAg commitment to collaboration. Healthy soil is vital to the future of sustainable agriculture, garnering further insights into how our natural biosolution inputs can improve soil health will ensure we continue to empower farmers to grow more food, more sustainably.”

Adrián Ferrero, Biome Makers’ CEO commented, “Our mission at Biome Makers is to improve soil health and provide companies the tools they need to equip farmers with the right solutions. Input companies around the globe are using BeCrop Technology to understand the impact of their products on the soil microbiome. Partnering with UPL aligns with our mission, and we are excited to work together to advance the understanding of soil functionality.”