Vietnam sets up agricultural research centre

Vietnam has around 10mn farming households in rural areas and 70 per cent of the population is involved in agriculture. (Image source: Pam Morris/Flickr)

Vietnam and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have signed a contract to establish the country’s first international agricultural research centre

According to the contract, the centre would aim to achieve sustainable rice production through the installation of advance technologies and serve as the foundation for further enhancing Vietnam’s global leadership role in rice production.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) had also laid down regulations regarding the branding of Vietnamese rice, measures to reduce pre and post harvest losses, climate change adaptation and low carbon emission measures to further enhance the rice sector.

Minister at MARD Cao Duc Phat said, “Restructuring the rice sector is significant to raising farmers’ incomes and agricultural value as rice accounts for nearly half of the value generated by farm products.”

The setting up of the agricultural research centre showed the determination and commitment of Vietnam and IRRI to work together to improve the rice and agriculture sectors, added Phat.