According to Tan, farmers in the ASEAN countries should be endowed with the latest farming facilities to better meet the growing demand. (Image source: LukePatridge/

Crop protection in the ASEAN region can be achieved by establishing common regulations for better access to tools and technology, according to a senior CropLife Asia executive 

Cambodia is a leading producer of rubber in the region. (Image source: Tiagopantaleao/

Cambodia exported 61,969 tonnes of dry rubber in the first half of 2015, earning US$84.2mn in gross revenue, said the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce

According to the World Bank, paddy accounts for 30 per cent of total planted area in Myanmar. (Image source: Prazert Promvong/

Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce has announced that it would reconsider resuming rice export in November this year, after the country has imposed a temporary ban following the inundation of farmlands

The transgenic SUSIBA2 rice produces grains with a high starch content by diverting more carbon (from photosynthesis) into grains and stems, and less into roots. (Image source: CIAT/Flickr)

Scientists in China have discovered a new variety of rice that will help tackle global warming and climate change, according to reports

Thailands sugarcane crop grew by the sudden spate of rains, countering the dryness caused by the El Nino. (Image source: Pixabay)

Thailand’s sugar production could reach record levels in the upcoming harvest season after the recent spate of rainfall offset the effect of a strengthening El Nino

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