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Eating through hectares of banana crops, Panama disease has affected southern Philippines the most. (Image source: Fernando Stankuns/Flickr)

The Philippines has announced it will provide US$2.3mn funds to address disease damaging the country’s banana industry

IRRI said that the cooperation will save a lot of resources and shorten the time required for a variety to be released in one country. (Image source: IRRI)

A regional seed cooperation agreement among India, Bangladesh and Nepal would hasten the release and dissemination of rice varieties to benefit farmers in the region, according to International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

According to the United States Agriculture department forecast, the Philippines may import 1.6mn tonnes of rice in 2015. (Image source: IRRI/Flickr)

The Philippines has announced that it will import 500,000 tonnes of rice in March 2015 to boost buffer stocks of the staple for the lean months

China is currently the world’s largest apple producer. (Image source: bobrobelka/Flickr)

A new trade agreement was signed between China and the USA to allow the latter to export all varieties of apples to the East Asian country

SLCM has become the first company in the world to help third party warehousing in a foreign country. (Image source: Paul Arps/Flickr)

India-based agricultural logistics firm SLCM has announced its partnership with Myanmars Yoma Bank to provide financial assistance to the agriculture sector of the country

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