India had toppled Thailand two years ago to become the world’s top rice exporter as the intervention scheme priced Thai rice out of the export market and as Indian capital Delhi lifted a four-year ban on non-basmati rice sales in 2011 to trim stocks. (Image source: Pascal Thauvin/

Thailand will export 11mn tonnes of rice by end of this year marking a 67 per cent rise since 2013, according to Thai Rice Exporter Association

There are more than 200 mango species in Myanmar — with 50 to 60 species grown in Mandalay region. (Image source: Myanmar Golden Produce Pte Ltd)

Myanmar is working towards creating a trademark for its famed sein ta lone (diamond) mangoes, Mandalay Mango Association chairperson Daw Than Than Swe said

Increased exports of Thai rice to other countries in the Far East Asia and Africa is expected to propel Thai rice exports to 10.2mn tonnes in 2014. (Image source: Mike Gifford/Flickr)

Bumper produce and a surge in demand for rice, particularly in the Far East Asia, have resulted in 2014 recording the highest rice export figures globally, FAO has announced

Cambodia exported 335,925 tonnes of rice in the first 11 months of 2014, up from 332,009 tonnes in the same period last year. (Image source: Department of foreign affairs and trade/Flickr)

Cambodia’s minister of commerce has announced that the country will step up efforts to export rice to Africa, Middle East and the European Union

Malaysia might maintain the zero per cent export duty until March 2015. (Image source: CIFOR/Flickr)

Malaysia, world’s second-largest crude palm oil (CPO) producer and exporter, would continue its duty-free export tariff in January 2015, according to the customs department

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