The Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter employs the seedling-friendly transplanting method by which transplanting claws pick up seedling and the claw extrusions push out the seedlings to securely transplant them in the soil. (Image source: Kubota)

Japan-based agricultural equipment maker Kubota will start exporting rice to Asia this year in a collaborative venture with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (JA Zen-noh)

The Ministry of Agriculture cited Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East as attractive markets to export its agricultural goods. (Image source: Fred Lang/Flickr)

South Korea will aim to export US$7.7bn worth of agricultural goods this year by expanding its presence in China and southeast Asia

The volume is 200,000 tonnes higher than the same period last year. (Image source: IRRI)

Member enterprises of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) have already clinched export contracts for at least one million tonnes of rice with delivery scheduled for this year

China would see 50bn kg of new food demand by 2020. (Image source: Hiroshi77/Flickr)

Efforts are being made by China to boost potato acreage and transform the crop into the country’s fourth staple food after rice, wheat and corn, according to Yu Xinrong, vice-minister of agriculture

The centre will design and implement local and foreign scholarships and fellowship programmes on the academic fields that will enhance palm oil development. (Image source: Ryan/Flickr)

A Filipino official has filed a bill that seeks to improve and promote the palm oil industry by establishing a Palm Oil Research, Development and Extension Centre in Mindanao

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