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The total value of the rice exports by Philippines has been estimated to be US$100,000. (Image source: IRRI Images/Flickr)

The Philippines has exported 50,000kg of fancy rice to Hong Kong and Dubai in April, and preparing to export another 50,000kg to the US between July and August this year

The project will aim at developing an affordable insurance product for farmers to safeguard their produce. (Image source: Shykh Seraj/Flickr)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan have undertaken a project to develop a new crop insurance system for small farmers in Bangladesh who often lose crops to natural calamities

The identification of wheat genes will be of great help to studies on genomic breeding and wheat evolution, domestication and genetic improvement. (Image source: bologna/Flickr)

A team of Chinese and US scientists have mapped out the genetic code of wheat which will help farmers across the globe to grow much better varieties of the crop soon

Cambodia has joined Vietnam and Thailand as potential rice suppliers of Philippines. (Image source: Charles Haynes/Flickr)

The Philippines has signed a rice supply agreement with Cambodia that has added Cambodia to a list of leading suppliers of the grain globally

Thailand may soon have rice trade zones to process Cambodian rice for export to other countries. (Image source: jimmiehomeschoolmom/Flickr)

The Thai Department of Foreign Trade has outlined plans to set up a rice trade zone project in the east to process Cambodian rice for export to other countries

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