The larvae are sustainably bred on a residual material pulp from the circular economy. (Image source: WEDA Livin Farms)

The German world market leader in liquid feeding, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, has sold a liquid feeding system for the larvae of the black soldier fly to the Viennese company, Livin Farms AgriFood GmbH

The webinar emphasised the need to address climate change and the role that sustainable agriculture practices play in achieving carbon neutrality. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS), a trailblazer in sustainable development and environmental preservation, announced the successful completion of a highly anticipated webinar on the topic: Innovation Strategy for Green Development and Carbon Sink

The partnership highlights UPL’s OpenAg commitment to collaboration towards empowering sustainable agriculture. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

UPL Ltd., a global leader in sustainable agriculture solutions, has announced a partnership with Biome Makers, a globally recognised agtech leader, to deepen understanding of the positive impact of UPL’s natural biosolution inputs on soil health

The association is an opportunity to accelerate solutions that have an impact on soil health. (Image source: World Living Soils Forum)

Moët Hennessy, the wines and spirits division of the LVMH Group, and ChangeNOW, announce their partnership within the context of the World Living Soils Forum, an international event dedicated to soil regeneration

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