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Biobest has announced the launch of a new predatory mite — Dyna-Mite G-System — to control thrips and whitefly infesting the crops

Dyna-Mite1Dyna-Mite’s demonstration was held in the Netherlands. (Image source: Biobest)

Recently, rose growers and specialised crop advisors attended Biobest and Arend-Sosef’s presentation on “Dyna-Mite, a revolutionary predatory mite strategy for rose” in the facilities of Olij Rozen in De Kwakel in the Netherlands.

The scientific name of the new predatory mite is Euseius gallicus. The potential of Euseius species to control pest was already known from earlier research. However, for the first time, it was being commercially produced at large scale, Biobest said. 

Marc Mertens, Biobest’s commercial director, said, “The power of the new Dyna-Mite strategy for rose growers is based on the combination of the new predatory mite Dyna-Mite G-System with our Nutrimite food supplement.

“The combination of both allows the establishment of a strong population of predatory mites in the crop, and hence a better control of thrips, whitefly and other pests. The new strategy is more efficient, faster and a lot more reliable than the continuous release of new mites, which is the current standard approach.”

Dyna-Mite G-System will be commercially available from January 2014 in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, the company added.