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Food & Commodity

Using IoT technology, SGP Foods' VertiStacks vertical farming solution helps farmers save on water, fertiliser, labour, and land. (Image source: SGP Foods)

Acknowledging the urgent need to combat the effects of climate change and ensure food security, top Singapore sustainability technology company, SGP Foods has advocated sustainability and carbon crediting for food production and the environment

ABUNDA is produced through a zero-waste fermentation process, with Cargill’s glucose syrup as a main source. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Cargill and food tech leader ENOUGH, are expanding their current partnership to further innovate nutritious and sustainable alternative meat and dairy solutions popular among consumers

Investing in ENOUGH’s most recent (Series C) growth funding campaign, Cargill has signed a commercial agreement to use and market its fermented protein. ENOUGH uses a pioneering technology that enables large-scale sustainable protein production of its signature ABUNDA mycoprotein

ABUNDA is grown by feeding fungi with sugars from sustainably sourced grain that is then fermented in a natural production process like making beer, wine or yogurt. This creates ABUNDA mycoprotein, a complete food ingredient that contains essential amino acids and is high in dietary fiber. ABUNDA is produced through a zero-waste fermentation process, with Cargill’s glucose syrup as a main source.

With the expanded strategic partnership, Cargill will co-create with customers tasty and nutritious protein alternative foods containing ABUNDA mycoprotein by leveraging its broad portfolio of plant-based proteins, texturises and fats, as well as its formulations and applications capabilities. Moreover, Cargill is also helping ENOUGH achieve its aim to grow more than one million tonnes of ABUNDA cumulatively by 2033.

“We remain committed to bringing alternative and traditional protein source options to the table, and our collaboration with ENOUGH is one of the ways we can realize our purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way,” said managing director, Cargill Meat and Dairy Alternatives, Belgin Kose.

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The entire supply chain is facing immense challenges due to a number of reasons including exploding energy costs, climate change and inflation among others. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Leading multinational supplier of avocados, Westfalia Fruit unveils their forward-looking approach to address the numerous challenges faced by industries worldwide

FAO: International food prices stable in September; declines in vegetable oils, dairy, and meat offset by increases in sugar and maize. (Image source: FAO)

The overall measure of international food commodity prices was broadly stable in September, with declines in quotations for vegetable oils, dairy and meat offset by a notable increase in those for sugar and maize, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported 

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