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AM FRESH Group acquires majority stake in Fruit-X to redefine produce experience in Asia

Fruit-X soon to be rebranded FRESH FRUIT-X after AM FRESH Group acquires majority stake in the company (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Malaysia-based Fruit-X will soon be rebranded as ‘FRESH FRUIT-X’ after leading genetics; agri-tech and farming company AM FRESH Group acquires a majority stake in the company, with aims of redefining the produce industry in Asia

AM FRESH has been a significant player in the produce industry for more than 90 years and has been committed to provide expertise and vertically integrated model spanning varietal innovation of patented grape and citrus varieties. Through its partnership with Fruit-X, the company plans to leverage the best of both companies and provide integrated solutions to South East Asian markets.

Currently, Fruit-X has a customer base across Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and the Middle East. FRESH FRUIT-X aims to promote the growth of premium quality produce categories, offering Asian customers a plethora of benefits. For example, customers will receive access to premium patented varieties, an efficient supply chain model, a global network of growers and consistent quality annually. These are only a few among the many benefits that FRESH FRUIT-X has in store to create a seamless, integrated solution to serve over 500 million customers across Asia. 

In a report published by Global News Wire, Carlos Bonet of AM FRESH expressed his excitement about the company’s partnership with Fruit-X. “Following our close relationship with Fruit-X over the years, we are proud to say that we know each other well, we share the same principles and, more importantly our vision and strategy to grow in Asia-Pacific,”

CEO of Fruit-X, Jose Vottero also expressed his pride and value in their relationship with AM FRESH. “Our company objectives have been aligned in providing the most efficient supply of fresh food to the South-East Asian market. Our independent strengths maintain a competitive edge by running strong local teams, which have in-depth understanding of individually-marked needs and requirements, while being supported by an industry giant in regard to supply, innovation and technology,” said Vottero. He further emphasised that the partnership fuelled their motivation to work hard towards their common goal. 

Moreover, FRESH FRUIT-X will also enhance the partnership between AM FRESH Group and the Dutch international purchasing company EVEREST, resulting in the expansion of its portfolio and retail base in Asia and in-turn benefitting both companies.