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Climate-friendly beef significantly reduces methane emissions

The beef is produced by carefully selected farmers chosen by Protos and Volta Greentech. (Image source: Volta Greentech)

Volta Greentech and food company Protos have partnered to significantly increase the production of more climate-friendly beef in Sweden by using Volta Greentech’s feed supplement, Lome

The supplement, made from natural algae, reduces the methane emissions of animals by 70-90% per day when included in their feed (0.6%). The collaboration includes the delivery of algae for up to 1,000 cattle annually over five years.

The beef is produced by carefully selected farmers chosen by Protos and Volta Greentech. These farmers will be pioneers in using Volta Greentech’s innovative feed supplement to reduce the methane emissions of their cows.

“It is likely the most climate-friendly beef in the world. Cows naturally release methane through burping as part of the digestion process. However, by adding a small amount of algae to their feed, methane emissions are significantly reduced,” noted Thomas Östlund, CEO of Protos.

Starting from 9 June, Lome Beef will be available at Hemköp stores in the Stockholm area, initially at Torsplan, Stockholm City, and Mörby Centrum for a limited period.

“Our ambition is to be at the forefront of sustainability, and with this launch, we simply make it easier for our customers to eat more sustainably. That is why Lome Beef is highly interesting to us,” said Shoan Etemadi, head of sales of Hemköpskedjan.

After two years of pilot studies, Volta Greentech and Protos can now increase the availability of more climate-friendly meat, which will be sold under the brand ‘Lome’. Following the launch, Protos will sell the meat to grocery stores and wholesalers, subject to availability.

“Volta Greentech was founded with the mission to battle global warming. We have significant work ahead in scaling up algae production. But we are on our way. By offering Lome Beef, we have the opportunity to build a movement of climate-aware consumers who share our vision,” remarked Fredrik Åkerman, CEO of Volta Greentech.